Who we are and are our skills

We are a young innovative team of Crepe-lovers with the goal to make fresh and healthy food.

Our mobile crepe-stall is perfectly suitable for all kinds of events like festivals, weekend markets, folk and street festivals and exhibitions, indoor as well as outdoor.

As crepe-gourmets we love the classic French style of crepes, but with the usual toppings we missed the fresh and fruity flavour.

Japanese Crepes: The difference

Sweet Japanese Crepes differentiate themselves through the filling with freshly cut fruits, whipped cream and often also ice cream. The bases for the savoury kind are many different salads. Also the crepes are served like a cone-shaped ice waffle.

Based on the Idea of Japanese Crepes, we developed our own special toppings and recipes. Through that process we fell in love with the Japanese version and we complemented the making of it through a dynamic performance and beautifully designed presentation. This way we developed the concept of the Pirate-Creperie, starting with the painted and illuminated stall over to our pirate coats to the baking of crepes in a traditional pirate manner…

Fresh market fruits or savoury salads in endless combinations wrapped in paper-thin baked crepes give you the experience of a unique fresh product. Our costumers can choose from the attractive menu between sweet and spicy creations or can decide on their own what toppings they want for their own unique crepe.

We provide the people a huge range of healthy products - not only a tasty but also a visual enjoyment.

For us modern and sophisticated pirates it is our duty and our pleasure to have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and organic products in our collection.