At the end of the century before the last when the era of the Pirates has been already declining, the most creative of them came together to search for treasures on an far out Island of the Sugar-atoll, where they studied far away from colonial civilisation the preparation of crepes. In this nearly 200 years lasting episode which is by the way nearly unknown to most scholars, the crepe-pirates developed unique recipes and variations of the originally French delicates. Again and again they travelled long journeys into the most remote corners of this world only to add the necessary spice to their secret creations. This way they got to know different varieties of fruits and spices used in foreign kitchens, which they greedily added to their crepe culture.

Finally the time has come for the crepe-pirates to present their creations to the world, after they selected by their experience the most delicious recipes and toppings so they can provide a gift of culinary ecstasy to the most worthy audience – the people of the festivals and the markets.

On the rooftops of Berlin or under the scorching sun of Eastern Europe – the crepe-pirates wrote on their agenda to literally put the most delicious crepes into the mouthes of the astonished people

During that process the pirates don’t miss out on passing on the culture of their homeland – the sugar-atoll.